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Adrien Peyrache

Assistant Professor

Canadian Research Chair in Systems Neuroscience
MNI Killam Scholar


Since my PhD, I have studied sleep to make sense of wakefulness: sleep reveals the internal processes of our brains, unaffected by incoming sensory stimuli. During the coming years, we will unravel the dynamics and connectivity of the neuronal networks that generate crucial signals for spatial navigation, in particular in the head-direction system, the brain's compass.

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North Wing, Rm 111

Adrian Duszkiewicz


EMBO postdoctoral fellow (2017-2018)
Sir Henry Wellcome Fellow (2018-2022)

Guillaume Viejo


Dapeng Wang

Visiting grad student

Ellie Brown


McGill University

Ellie Croce


McGill University

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Jiwon Lee


McGill University




Graham Kasper

McGill undergrad

BS McGill (2013-2017)
Medical School, University of Toronto (2017-)

Sophie Bagur

visiting PhD student

Thomas Cortier

Master student