Open positions

We're always interested in receiving new applications, so don't be shy and ask.

PhD/MSc positions. The lab takes students from the Integrated Program in Neuroscience at McGill (with a strong preference for the rotation program).

No more UG positions available for summer 2023.

No more PhD/MSc positions available for Fall 2023.

We don't have any research assistant / lab technician position open for now.

How to apply for a position in the lab?

The easiest way is to drop an email to Adrien: adrien . peyrache [at]

Add "PDF/PhD/MSc/UG position at the lab" in the subject.

What we expect to see in the email:
1/ keep it concise.
2/ show why you want to join our lab specifically (and not neuroscience in general).
3/ tell us why you think you'll be a good fit and/or what you want to learn.
4/ any relevant past experience.
5/ for PDF (and PhD/MSc applicant with past research experience), a couple references who we can contact.


The lab is located at The Montreal Neurological Institute (or simply "The Neuro"):
3801 University Street, Montreal, QC H3A 2B4 

Adrien's office: 897a
Adrien's phone: 514-398-6780